Sunday, February 03, 2013

It is a good thing I have a good sense of humor!

Never a dull moment. That is my life theme right now.

First off, I am SO VERY SORRY to all those unsuspecting Liebster Award winners.  I totally messed up on getting your very own questions.  Thankfully, Adrienne asked me some good ones, so you can just use hers!  Kay, thanks for the laugh on that one! 

Secondly, if you are trying to call my home phone, I have one word for you. DON'T. It is outside in the garbage. Why? Because I found it this morning in the kitchen trash can.  It is never a good thing when you hear your phone ringing from the bottom of the trash can.  Needless to say, when I hit up Wal-Mart later, I will be purchasing a new phone. 

Today is the Super Bowl. I really dislike football. There is too much standing around and waiting. However, I must admit that as a young girl, I was totally in love with Joe Montana. So I guess maybe it would be ok if the 49ers won.  I really don't care though. Sorry football fans. 

Speaking of Super Bowl at our church, we had Souper Bowl Sunday.  Every year we have a soup meal after our service. I missed it today. I thought maybe Carter had a touch of a stomach bug and didn't want to risk it.  So we stayed in.  Colin sent me a text and said he was having a sandwich and red velvet cake. Yum! 

Did you know he sent me a text from his bedroom the other night? He had Ben and Josiah over and they were already asleep. I was in the recliner and the kid was texting me.  Kids and technology.

Speaking of technology. I loathe Minecraft. If you like it fine. I don't. My kids are getting totally addicted. Last weekend I told them I did not want to hear one more word about Minecraft.  I have had to totally limit their play time with it.  They didn't get this addicted to Angry Birds! 

If you went to church this morning, thank a soldier.
If you chose to stay home, thank a soldier.
If you are watching the super bowl today, thank a soldier.
If you choose not to, thank a soldier. 
Thank a soldier if you enjoy the freedoms that we have, for the choices we are allowed to make.
Don't forget to thank their families too. 
After that, thank God for our soldiers and for the blessing of living in America.

Happy Super (souper) Sunday.


  1. girl you don't like football??? how??? haha ;) I don't like basketball and some people think im crazy!!!

  2. I don't like football either...but, I like the get-togethers it creates so I put up with it sometimes, ha! Minecraft, oh Minecraft! My kids have a 30 minute time limit every day. I couldn't take it!! All three of mine enjoy it very much. Sorry about your phone! Bummer!

  3. Oh holy cow, Minecraft has taken over my house!!! No joke :-( I was just listening to another Minecraft parody song that my son begged to listen to. Ugh!!

    So glad I got you to laugh ;-) I still have not had time to get that post up. But I am going to!!! I don't get awards very often, it was very cool to get this one!

    We are always hunting our phones around here. It doesn't help that the 2yr old can get to it from any height. Various chair cushions will be ringing. Or my coat pockets...


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