Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tour of Duty Bible Study

When we found out that Jeff would be deploying, I thought of doing the Tour of Duty Bible Study (again). I completed the study the first time back in May 2011 and found it very beneficial.

Each time Jeff is gone away for a long period of time either for his civilian job or for Army training, I find myself referring to topics and ideas from that study.  So, I definitely knew I would need to do it again during the deployment. 

Well, after we found out that Jeff was not going to deploy, I still considered doing the Bible study. After all, the Army does what they want and I knew there was a possibility that he could still go somewhere.  Shortly after Jeff's orders were rescinded, I got an email from Wives of Faith; they were going to host the Bible study online again! I couldn't turn it down. 

I feel like God is leading me to this study.  I look forward to the the community I will join online.  I will post here about it as well. 

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