Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A little of this. I little of that.

This time last month, we were preparing for deployment.  A deployment that was to happen this week.  So thankful it isn't! I know that whatever happens, God is with us.

Why am I blogging at 1:40 in the afternoon on a school day?  Carter decided Sunday to develop pink eye.  I know, right?  His daddy took him to Dr. Chris yesterday, and they enjoyed some man time (house cleaning and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).  Today was my day to stay with him.  Kiddo is going back to daycare tomorrow. 

This will be a planned/unplanned 3 day work week for me.  I was initially taking off 2 days for Jeff's deployment.  When his orders were rescinded, I kept one day to go to Carter's field trip.  Well, then pink eye came along....You get the idea!

My Tour of Duty Bible study started today.  Evidently, I don't follow directions well because today was an introduce yourself day. I was ready to discuss chapter 1!  Oh, well, I will just be ahead next week.  I am so excited to get to know a great group of women.  We are already learning so much through our introductions.  I will be posting here as well to let you know how things are going and how God is working in this study.  I absolutely love Sara

Today's lucky number is 6.  That is the number of times Carter has said, "Big spider at Nanny and Paw Paw's house eat bugs."  Just so you know, those were his first words this morning, and we will have that chat again before bedtime!  And this is the big spider...

The boys are mostly all set for Halloween. Carson decided to be a Ben Ten Spider Monkey.  We don't even watch Ben Ten.  We go for what looks awesome. Colin is going to be Clay Matthews.  Never heard of him 'til last week. Sorry Packers' fans.  His daddy got him a Clay Matthews jersey while in Chicago last week.  Carter is going to be....well....we aren't really sure yet!  Last year he refused to dress up. This year we bought him a Jake and the Never Land Pirates costume.  When we finally "convinced" him to put it on, it didn't fit.  HMMPH!  Got to figure something out before Trunk or Treat at church tomorrow night! 

I totally feel like I am in over my head coaching this Robotics team. I volunteered for the kids because I got the feeling the program would stop, and now I feel like I am letting them down.  I thank God everyday for Pam Rowland.  She is so awesome to keep helping even though she does not officially work at our school any more.  I just don't want to hurt the kids' chances of being successful during the competition in December. 

I am preparing for my first Veteran's Day program at school. We will have a guest speaker, slide show, and music.  I am really excited about it and hope it turns out wonderfully by honoring our Veteran's. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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