Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tour of Duty: the final week

Well, my Tour of Duty Bible Study is completed.  What a blessing it was!  I learned so much about myself, about God, about deployment.  What an AWESOME experience.

Below our my answers (along with the questions) for the final week.  Please feel free to comment even if you didn't do the study.

1. The chapter this week started with some heavy questions about God’s purpose for your life. If you feel comfortable sharing, what were some of your answers?

As my husband and I talked last night, I found this to be more true than ever: to be the best wife I can be.  With what he feels called to do, he needs me to be supportive and understanding.  When I do that, I am making him happy.  

I think a big purpose of my life is to serve.  Some older ladies at church told me that I am serving alongside Jeff.  We are serving God, our country, and our church together.

Being blessed with children, I know I have the awesome, sometimes scary, responsibility of guiding my sons to be men of God.

2. What are your thoughts on Romans 8:28?

Love it! If I follow in God's will, He will provide for me.

We have a family friend who is running from God's will and the more he runs, the worse things seem to get for him and his family.  

Being in God's will is sometimes scary, but He promises to bless us for our obedience.

3. What’s the difference between self-created courage and courage that comes from God? What insights did you have as you read about courage?

Courage is NOT about me. It is about humbling myself (which can be scary) and fully relying on the strength of God.  It is about surrendering myself to his will, his plans, and allowing him to work through me.

4. What did you learn from the story of Esther this week?

I think I was just reminded more than ever that this is my time to serve God.  Whether it is being an Army wife or a preacher's wife, a mother, a teacher, or friend, He has chosen me for this time and I must be obedient to His calling.

5. How do you find yourself being courageous? In what areas of life do you struggle with this?

Sometimes the courage to just hang in there is difficult.  Exhaustion sets in and it is so easy to give up. Being a mom of three boys, working full time as a teacher, being involved at church, and coaching whatever sport we've signed up for leaves me very tired sometimes.  Therefore I sometimes say I can't do other things God wants me to do.  I think sometimes it takes courage to say, "ok, I have had enough," and I think it takes even more courage to say, "God, I need you. I can't do this but I know you can. Please help me." 

6. What’s the biggest takeaway you’ve had from this study and sharing and hearing from the other ladies who have participated over the last 8 weeks?

I have learned that whatever lies ahead, whatever God places before me, I can get through it with Him by my side.  I am never alone.  I have to be willing to admit that I can't do it alone and I need God.  I have to open my eyes to see how He is working in my life.  I have to give him praise for what he does for me.

I would like to say as well that I had a neat experience the other day. I was talking with some older ladies at church and they could totally relate to things I go through.  They talked about their experiences from their husbands and brothers who had been in Vietnam and other war ravaged places.  Although they aren't my age, they had lots of words of wisdom.  I encourage you to seek out such Christian women on your journey. They bring a fresh perspective.

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