Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tour of Duty Chapter 6

I seriously can't believe that I am almost finished with the Tour of Duty Bible study. It has truly been amazing. Thank you, Sara!

Below are the questions for the week and my answers. Please feel free to comment even if you aren't completing the study.

1. Discuss your biggest giant that keeps your eyes off God. Is this giant a recent distraction, or is it a giant that keeps returning?

I think the biggest giant that keeps my eyes off God is the Giant of Stuff.  This stays in my face constantly and makes me get my priorities mixed up.  I then lose sight of God. The Stuff is a mix of things: rest, reading books, blogging, playing on the iPad, work, or sports.  All of these things can quickly take control and I find myself so busy (mostly playing catch up) that My relationship with God is not a priority.

2. Do you agree with the statement “Giants require confrontation”? How have you confronted your giants lately?

Yes. Yes. Yes.  Just last night, I confronted the Giants of Worry and Guilt  I prayed and prayed about it.

3. How does knowing that the enemy could be the driving force behind your giant change your perspective on it?

It is a reminder that Satan knows my weaknesses. But it is also a reminder that "the battle is the Lord's," and through Him, I can overcome whatever I am facing.

4. How has your giant drawn attention away from God?

Sometimes it just overwhelms me and it is all I think about, almost "forgetting" that God is there with me.

5. What part of the David and Goliath story hit home with you this week?

I think what got me the most was that although David expressed his faith in God, Saul just kept on with the "human stuff." It was like, "oh, God is on your side? Great. But take this armor too." Saul was making David's God too small.  I think we are all guilty of that at times.

6. Which of the bulleted items on page 93 is the hardest for you to remember and why?

We've already overcome giants with God's help.  

I think maybe I get so wrapped up in the giant that when it is conquered I may not give God the credit.  When that happens it is so easy to forget what He has done for me.  If I give Him thanks, then I can remember what he's done for me the next time I am confronted by a giant.

7. Which giant do you struggle with the most: loss, doubt, failure, disappointment, or time?

Ummm, all of them!  I think really though I struggle with doubt.  I want to be successful I whatever I am doing, but sometimes I wondering what I'm thinking/doing and convince myself that I don't have what it takes or that those who say they care rally don't.

8. Discuss these verses: John 15:4-5 and Isaiah 40:31. How do these verses both challenge and encourage you?

I think all to often we are quick to rely on our own strength or even that of others (our support system). Either way, we don't get what we really need. We won't until we hand over all of our burdens to the  Lord (really and truly laying them at the foot odd the cross). When we do this, God gives us unimaginable strength, wisdom, peace, and rest.   These verses encourage me to seek Him immediately because he promises to provide.

9. What would your life look like without God? How can you trust Him more fully this week?
Without God....oh my gosh, my life would be a mess! I am holding back laughter right now.  I know people who solely depend on the advice of others.  They never seek God's will.  If I did that...Ha!  I will put my trust, my faith, my hope in Him.

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