Friday, September 16, 2016

Shhh! Listen. It's Five Minute Friday

Y'all, I'm busy.  Teacher, mama, pastor/army chaplain wife, Sunday School teacher, robotics coach, academic team helper. There's piles of laundry to do, dishes to wash, a cat to feed, a litter box to clean, bills to pay, groceries to buy, books to read, lesson plans and weekly overviews to write, a Frozen Free Fall level to beat, soccer games, golf tournaments, and bible studies.  I've got lots to do.

So many needs. So much to do.

Orders are thrown around. Tempers flair.  Frustration ensues.  Exhaustion sets in.

I need my morning time.

The house is quiet. Everyone but me and the cat is asleep.

It's me, Happy the Cat, and God.

I'm listening.

He tells me to be still.

He whispers in that still small voice.

I feel Him.

I hear Him.

I quit talking. And I listen.

In the stillness, He whispers his love over me.  His grace covers me. Peace.

I listen to His love song as he tells me "My faithful love endures forever."

It's Five Minute Friday.  One word. Five minutes.  Write.  No overthinking. No editing (Although I did go back and capitalize a letter. What can I say, I'm an ELA teacher!).

Join in the Five Minute Friday community by visiting Kate's blog. You won't be disappointed.  Happy Friday!


  1. i like it natasha:) you can't get any more down to earth and basic in your listening than this! i'm at #75 this week:) i was slow getting everything together this week!

  2. A great reminder to just sit and listen to Him - our most important task. Thanks! Your FMF neighbor at #63


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