Monday, August 08, 2011

Continuing His Journey

The journey to the Army Chaplaincy began more than 3 years ago. Now we are getting closer to what God has called our family to do. Last night was Jeff's interrogation at church. He "passed!" Next Sunday night will be his ordination at church.

Our journey began when we decided we wanted our children raised in church. After we were married, Jeff and I attended church occasionally. We attended our current church on holidays and went to a mega church a few times as well. When Colin was almost two years old, we began attending Calvary more regularly after being invited by a coworker. We were welcomed there with open arms, and Jeff and I were soon saved within days apart and then baptized together. We began attending a Sunday school class our pastor's wife began for a growing group of young couples with children. Soon we were teaching as well. When I was pregnant with Carson, Jeff was chosen by the church to serve as a deacon. He was ordained in January of 2006. With this came a call of doing more for God.

Since high school, Jeff has always had a desire to join the military. He took the ASVAB as a junior, but never did anything else. Upon graduating, Jeff attended WKU and earned a degree in geography. He worked at a local company, went into business for himself, and is currently employed as an engineer at a local factory. Out of all his work experience, Jeff has never felt like he was called to do those things. Eventually he felt led, more than ever, to join the military. And that is what he did. It was one of those things where I joked with him, "FINALLY!". I had always expected it, but joining was just a matter of time. In November of 2009, during my third pregnancy, Jeff took his oath of office and became a 2 Lieutenant for the US Army Reserves.

Last summer, he attended CHBOLC at Ft. Jackson, SC. It was an awesome experience for us both. We both got a taste of military life: him training to serve God and country, me raising three children and running the household on the "home front" while supporting my Soldier.

Through much of the last 3-4 years, Jeff has taken seminary classes through Liberty University. In May of this year, he finally graduated.

After his ordination next Sunday, the final paperwork and steps to becoming a chaplain will be completed. Then we wait for the Army's decision.

Jokingly, I told Jeff this morning that it feels awkward not being pregnant at such a life changing point in this journey!

Through all we have been through, I am well aware that God had a hand in each step of this journey, making it HIS journey. We are only being obedient. It isn't always easy. God never promises that through any thing He requires of His children. However, we have felt His love and guidance along the way. He has held our hands and lit our path. He has blessed us in ways that are simply indescribable.

I know people wonder how we do it all and why we do it all. IT isn't about us. IT is about HIM. My family was chosen to serve. Who are we to not be obedient to the call of the Lord? He blessed us with life, so we owe Him our lives.

Serving is exciting and scary. I am anxious to see what God has in store for us!

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