Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Back to School Memories

When I was a kid, I loved going to school. I loved the back to school shopping where I got new clothes and a new lunch box. I was really into the girly school supplies; you know, anything colorful with feathers or sparkles on it!

I’ll never forget going to Wal-Mart one year and holding my new lunch box in the checkout line. My nose starting bleeding!

I always like coming home with my new clothes and modeling them.

As a teacher, one of the sweetest back to school memories I have is receiving a note from a parent. It let me know that she had been praying for me and our school year. I taped it to the pullout on my desk and read it several times throughout the year.

This year, I will have two children in school. Carson will be starting kindergarten and Colin will be a fourth grader at my school. I will be able to take Colin to school for the first time this year. That is special for me because Jeff has always done it.

When Colin started kindergarten, the guidance counselor emailed me during the day to let me know that he saw Colin and he was having a great day. That was such a nice thing for him to do.

I would love to hear some of your favorite back to school memories.

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