Wednesday, August 03, 2011


For those that don't know, Carson had to have out patient dental treatment yesterday.  He had several cavities and needed a crown over a defective tooth.  This kid brushes his teeth like crazy so I felt terrible that he had so many problems.  We had actually planned to do all this spring break, but cancelled because Jeff was supposed to go to Japan.

Carson did an awesome job.  He was so brave and never acted scared.  I think it tore me up more than him.  I appreciate all of the prayers and texts of those checking in on him.  God is Good.  All the time!


  1. our dentist suggested the same thing for my 6yr old daughter. i am so scared for her that i cancelled it. i'm so glad things went well for you. your little guy is so brave.psive

  2. So glad he handled it, he looks so little but big in the bed.


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