Thursday, November 06, 2014

Military Family Gratitude Day 6: Sound

Sounds are unique to us all. There are sounds we love and sounds we don't.

One of my favorite sounds is laughter.....more specifically, the laughter of my children. Their laughter is contagious when those giggle boxes are turned on.

I also love the sounds of their unique voices. Carter still has his baby voice.  At four years old, he can't fish. It's tish.  Snake is nake.  I don't fret the mistakes. I know he will grow out of it all too soon.  It seems like only yesterday that Colin was four and saying "geen" instead of green.  Now, at 12, his voice is starting to deepen.  Its raspy one moment and high pitched the next.  My baby boy is growing into a young man.  And Carson....the way he repeats parts of his words.....treee eeee, mor orning.  He still has his little kid voice, but I know soon he will be changing as well.

I love the sound coming from the back seat as they are singing God's Not Dead or Until the Whole World Hears.  I love the sound of meal blessings and bedtime prayers.  I love the sound of sleep talking and laughing about it the next day because they truly believe they didn't say those things.

But the best of all

What I love the most

I love the sound of, "I love you, Mama" fifty times a day.

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