Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Choose

Five Minute Friday
Ready for a little Five Minute Friday???  I am.  So glad and blessed to be participating today.  Today’s word to write about is CHOOSE.  Will you choose to read on? I hope so.




So there was this conversation at lunch yesterday about a local coach who was dogged by his live in girlfriend for a choice that he had made. A coworker made the comment that she felt bad for him, the fact that the girlfriend did this public mockery of him on Facebook.  Another coworker thought she was crazy for feeling that way because she too had been cheated on and basically said that anyone who had been hurt in that way would want the same “revenge” (my words, not hers).
But here is my thought.

We have all been hurt. Maybe not cheated on by a spouse or lover, but we have all been hurt. By friends, family, coworkers, strangers. 

We have a choice in how we react to that hurt.

We can be bitter. We can seek revenge. We can let that hurt rage in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Or we can choose to live. 

The bitterness we harbor can make us miserable people.  Why choose that?  Why choose to hate and rage and just be miserable?

I don’t want that in my life.   I choose joy. I choose life. I choose to live like Jesus would have me live.  I know that those who do wrong will be judged. They will be dealt with. 

Me too.

I will be judged based on how I treated those who hurt me.  God’s word talks about that.  I have to realize that I am no better than anyone else. I am a sinner just like everyone else.  But I choose love. I choose life. I choose joy. I choose Jesus.


In honor of today’s word, here’s a little George Jones and his song of living with the choices we make.

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  1. Oh such great post!!! Powerful and encouraging!! So glad we where neighbors!


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