Saturday, February 22, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Small - Let Them Be Little

Five Minute Friday

It is time for a little Five Minute Friday on Saturday.  This week's word....small.  Here you go!

We don’t want small. We want big. The bigger the better. Right?

What about our kids? 

I remember when our first son was born, my husband made the comment, “I can’t wait until he starts walking.”  Boy, did he ever eat those words. 

We rush our kids into activities.  We busy their lives and push them.  I once heard a conversation about some parents telling their pee wee baseball child that if he didn’t get his act together, he would never get a baseball scholarship.

Grow up kids.

That’s what we tell them. Maybe not in those words, but in other ways.

But we need to let them be little. 

We need to let them stay small.  Growing up comes too fast these days for many children. They aren’t allowed to be children. They don’t know what it is to play, to pretend, to be a kid. 

Children have so many things adding pressure and anxiety to their lives.  We owe it to them as their parents to let them be little. We should take this small amount of time we have with them and let them live as children, not miniature versions of ourselves or what we wish we were.

let them be little from Natasha Grimes on Vimeo.

Five Minute Friday Confession: I have been working on this post since last night.  After I wrote for five minutes, I was inspired to create the video. Well, it wouldn't download. I tried and retried, deleted and recreated.  Whew!  It became a quest, but was a great trip down memory lane!  The boys were so funny watching it.

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