Sunday, April 22, 2012

No Longer Going Through the Motions

What six year old does not want to go to heaven?

What sixty year old does not want to go to heaven?

If you ask, I think most people will say they want to go to heaven when they die.  Some will say they think they will. And fewer will be certain they will. 

There is but ONE way, however, to get to heaven.

Through Jesus Christ.

I don't believe in all paths to heaven. I don't believe in many paths to heaven.  I believe in ONE path to heaven. 

I believe in Jesus Christ.

I believe He is God's Son.

I believe He came to earth, born of the virgin Mary.

I believe that He was crucified on a cross for my (and your) sins.

I believe that after the stone was placed over the tomb, Jesus conquered death, raising from the dead Himself. 

Do you believe?

Four years ago, Colin believed.  What six year old raised in church wouldn't?  He confessed Jesus as his Savior and Lord and was baptized.

The night he came to us with his revelation as a sinner, I was scared to death.  Yes, I was happy, but truthfully, I wondered if he really knew what the whole thing was about.  Did he really understand?  Did he really believe?

You see, I couldn't tell him, "Oh, you are too young," or "You think your are ready, but you aren't really."  I had to believe that God would guide him. 

I remember when Jeff was on the phone with our preacher, I grabbed my Bible and said, "Lord, I want this to be real. Please let me have peace about this."  I opened my bible. I read the words, "I will reveal Myself in My time."  I closed my Bible and let it be. 

On his own accord, Colin went before the church to make is profession of faith and was later baptized. 

Still, I remembered that he was six years old. I have secretly prayed for him, for God to reveal Himself to Colin if he just went through the motions.

That was four years ago.

The other night, Colin got out of bed and came to me.  It was late and he was crying, but when I asked what was wrong, he didn't want to talk about it.

He finally opened up to me and said he was worried about the end of the world (thanks to our pastor's good preaching!).  I told him we had nothing to worry about because we would go to heaven.  He knew his little brothers were not saved and was worried that God wouldn't allow them into heaven. I tried to explain to him that God knew that and He knew their hearts, and because they were little He would allow them into heaven. 

Colin then said the word's I couldn't believe, "I'm afraid He won't take me." 

My heart broke and then it rejoiced.

You see, Colin has been having a private struggle with his salvation.  He knew we had talked to him about his salvation. He didn't remember it. I now think he was going through the motions of doing what his six year old mind told him was right. 

God was revealing Himself to Colin. It was His time.  

This morning, Colin, on his own accord, went again before the church.  Our pastor explained to the congregation about Colin's revelation.  Our church rejoiced with him and the courage it took to profess his faith in Christ. 

This time, he is not going through the motions.  God has spoken to him, revealed Himself to Colin. 

With this experience, I wonder how many adults are out there that have gone through the motions as well, adults who "confessed their faith," were baptized, and joined the church because it seemed like the right thing to whatever age....but really truly do no have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

As we spoke with our church family, one of the ladies reminisced about her experience.  She realized at the age of 55 that she had just gone through the motions. She gave her life to Jesus and was baptized.  Another church member praised Colin for his courage and told him that he was a true witness to others in the church who need to do the same thing.

As I share Colin's story with you, I hope that you will consider your own salvation.  Have you truly confessed Jesus as your Savior and Lord, have you totally rejected Him, or have you just gone through the motions and not given yourself wholly to Him?

Please pray for Colin has he willingly embarks on the journey that God has laid out for him.  Next Sunday, he will be baptized by his daddy. 

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