Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Review: Heaven in Her Arms

We all know that Mary was the mother of Jesus. We remember the scripture of when the angel appeared before her with the announcement of her role in Jesus' life.  We felt her fear when she searched three days for Jesus only to find him in the temple in Jerusalem.  Other than that, we probably never really thought much about her.

In her book, Heaven in Her Arms: Why God Chose Mary to Raise His Son and What It Means for You, Catherine Hickman introduces us to the Mary who should become our model for womanhood.

Mary was real.  Her emotions were real. Her questions, fears, and struggles were real.  We should not look at her as merely a Bible character, but as a real mother.

Hickman explains that Mary was chosen has the mother of Jesus because of who she was. She was a child of God who loved her Lord.  She was humble and obedient.

Hickman takes the scripture we know of Mary and digs deeper.  She shows us how Mary questioned, prayed, praised, and obeyed.  She explains how Mary needed support and found that support in Elizabeth.  Regardless of how difficult it may have been for Mary to be the mother of Jesus, she was obedient to God. Her prayer life, her praises, and the wisdom she sought from the Lord should be an example to us. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  The new, indepth look at Mary was refreshing and encouraging. I am happy to recommend this book for your reading.

I recieved a free copy of this book from Booksneeze for the purpose of an honest review. 

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