Sunday, April 03, 2011

Day 83 - The Nails

The plan is falling into place. Everything that has been prophesized is happening.

Can you imagine being there?

Can you imagine being a follower of Jesus, having met  him or heard him teach at this time in his ministry and then be a witness to what was unfolding?

When Beth Moore asked us to describe how this might feel, to know what had been taught and see it actually happen, how would that feel?

One word that I came up with was sickening

You know the feeling....

There is this big knot in the bottom of your stomach. It is wiggling and moving upward.  You break out into a cold sweat and feel faint.  You feel at any moment you will vomit.  Your mind is in total disarray.  You keep thinking, "Is this real?"  Its not that you didn't believe. Its just that you hope there was something missing.

But, it is real. This is the way it is supposed to be.  You knew all along. You thought you understood.  This is where your faith must show.  This is where you must show that you are His, regardless of your feelings. 

I picture the woman who played the Mother of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ.  There was pain in her eyes, in her face.  You could tell she wanted to stop what was going on. So many I'm sure wanted to stop it. We watch the movie and read the scripture and think how terrible it all was....the spitting, the cat o nine tails, the mocking, the heaviness of the cross, the crown of thorns, the nails, the crucifixtion.  Yes, it was terrible. It was gory. It was horrible. 

It was for us. 

On the radio one day the question was asked, "If you could go back in time to one particular moment and make a change, would would that moment be?"  A caller commented that he would go back to the crucifixtion.  How I'm glad he can't do that.  That would change God's plan. That would take away my salvation.

Jesus was held up on that cross by nails....nails of love for us.  I know it is a horrible act against another soul, but without his pain, the path to salvation and eternal life in heaven would not exist.

Dear Jesus, I can't imagine your pain and torment.  I can't imagine it at all.  But you knew Jesus, you knew what would happen when you came to earth. Yet, you chose to come anyway.  You chose to teach. You chose to live as man. You chose to die a horrible death.  And YES! You rose again!  How I praise you for that.  Thank you for chosing me.  Thank you for making a way for me.  I owe you my life. I am yours!

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