Sunday, August 21, 2016

Team: Five Minute Friday on Sunday Afternoon

Are you new to Five Minute Friday?  This amazing community of writers comes together each week to share their hearts and words about a prompt given to us by Kate Motaung.  Writers have 5 minutes to share, no overthinking, no editing, just writing.

And sometimes we don't get to write on Friday, and it turns into Five Minute Sunday!

This week's prompt is TEAM.

In the past, there as been a section on the Parks and Rec form for sports sign ups that says, "What do you hope your child gains from playing on a team this year?"

I have always loved that.

I would write that I wanted my child to learn basics skills of the game and learn how to be part of team.

In reality, we are all part of team, no matter if it is on a ball field, in the workplace, at church, or at home.

We have to be able to relate to others.  We have to be able to communicate (both listen and speak - and the writer in me says "write too!").

In all of these places, we have a common goal.  We have to work together to reach that goal, and to do that, we have to be a team.

Our world is a mess because we aren't working as part of God's team.  He has called us to love, to serve, and to make disciples of all nations.  It isn't up to just the preachers, Sunday school teachers, or missions team.  It is up to us all.  If we all took our part seriously and worked side by side with other Christians, this world would be a totally different place.  As part of God's team, with Him as our coach, our leader, we can do anything within His will.  We have to have one heart with Him.

Thank you for joining me for my Sunday edition of Five Minute Friday.  Please, head over to Kate's blog to read what the FMF Community had to say about this week's prompt.


  1. God's team is the best of all. Thanks for sharing today.

  2. Natasha,
    excellent! Yes! I totally agree with you when you say "Our world is a mess because we aren't working as part of God's team."

    We are all better working together. :) That's the best part of the FMF community!
    (linked at #65 this week)


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