Sunday, August 07, 2016

Happy: A Name to Live Up To - Five Minute Friday (On Sunday)

Meet Happy.  

Yes, this is our family cat.

He became a member of our family about 8 or 9 years ago.

He has a heck of a name to live up to.

Sometimes Happy is happy.  Especially when he attacks me as I'm walking up the stairs, walking across the room, or resting quietly.

Sometimes Happy isn't so happy.  Especially when I am taking too long to fill his food bowl or the neighborhood kids are searching for him when they come to visit.

I guess it is hard to live up to his name all the time.

Like us....are we always happy?

No. Its an emotion. And as a woman, I can tell you that I have been on plenty of those emotional rollercoasters.

But as a Christian, I have a name to live up to.  And to live up to that name - Christian - I don't choose happiness.....I choose joy.

You see, my joy comes from the Lord.

My husband made me happy when he brought home Panda Express Friday night.

But my joy comes from knowing that Christ is with me always and He will meet me right where I am.

It isn't always possible to be happy, but it is possible to always be joyful.  I can find joy in my deepest sorrows.  How?  Because I know Christ.

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