Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Yes, We "Elf on The Shelf"

I've seen the debates (ahem, memes) about Elf on the Shelf.  I mean really.....using an elf to make your kids behave before Christmas???? What about the belt on the shelf? Or just straight up do what you're supposed to do.

Yeah.  That stuff is out there.

But yes, at my house, we have an elf.

World, meet Bill Skylander Hotdog.

Bill is a great addition to our family Christmas traditions.

When we adopted him last year, we were afraid we'd made a mistake.  After going in to Target to shop, we came out to see him buckled in the seat.  The little sucker was already into mischief less than 2 hours after his adoption.

But Bill is also lots of fun. This guy....you never know what he will do.

Bill is a fun fella. Full of mischief, but we anxiously wait to see what he will do next.

We don't press the issue of him tattling back to Santa about the kids' behavior.  They know our expectations, and they know the consequences.  We don't need Bill for that, or a belt for that matter.

Whether Bill comes for a few days and hangs out our house or Santa comes down our chimney (Yes! We have a fireplace this year!), the most important thing about Christmas is remembering why we celebrate.

In my family, we celebrate Christmas because of Jesus.

He is our focus of our Christmas celebrations.  When we give gifts, as our children receive gifts, we keep in mind that Jesus is the greatest gift of all.  Our kids know that Bill and Santa are fun, but Jesus is the whole reason we have Christmas.

And we celebrate Him every day.

We talk about Jesus every day.

We read about Jesus every day.

We pray to God every day thanking Him for Jesus.

Jesus is the center of our family, not just at Christmas, but every day.

So, yes, we "elf on the shelf," but most importantly, we live for Jesus.

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