Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Teacher

She walks into the classroom
As she has done many times before.
Hoping for a good day,
She begins.

Speaking of verbs, Shakespeare, and Cummings, 
She seems to enjoy what she does.
With each red mark she makes,
She wonders if it was her fault.

Answering our questions,
Guiding us through their education,
She tries her best
And prays she is making us see.

With each perfect paper
And each smiling face,
She is sure of the life she has chosen;

She is the teacher.

This poem was written in 1994 for my high school English teacher, Linda Chaney.  She was a teacher who inspired and encouraged me.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I encourage you to find a teacher and do something nice for that person.  A teacher's work doesn't stop when the bell rings each afternoon.  We carry our children home in our hearts long after the end of the day.

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