Saturday, September 01, 2012

Hello, September

Dear September,

I can't believe you are already here.

Just wondering if you are bringing Isaac along with you.  We need some rain.  Not too much though. Just enough to wash away the pollen collecting on everything and drown a few ants crawling all over the slide.

School is is full swing. Not really feeling like I'm getting anywhere just yet, but definitely in full swing. The boys are loving it. Both have a Chinese Culture class at their schools. Carson is getting used to a new school, new teacher, new friends. Thankful for the old friends too.  Colin made 5th grade chorus. That's cool. What's even cooler is that he tried out instead of chickened out.  Don't want my children to ever be afraid to try. We may not always be successful, but we should still try. Right?

Speaking of trying...I am hosting a creative writing club at school. We have 12 members and our first piece of writing will be a family metaphor poem. My favorite poem.

Yesterday, I had to take a 1/2 day off because Carter was/is sick.  September, if you are going to be full of illness, please reconsider.  Take it easy on us, please.

Carter may be on the way to being potty trained.  This virus (?) that he has has encouraged him to use the potty and not his diaper.  A two year old potty training himself?  Could be.

I have another question for you, September. If a child really and truly LOST a tooth, will the tooth fairy still come? Should we leave an IOU?  We can't find the tooth. Carson went to bed with it in his mouth. He woke up with it gone.  Long gone!

Welcome, September. I am looking forward to finishing this remodeling project, and getting new furniture after 10 years. (I feel old when I start "talking in years") I am looking forward to our Worship Under the Stars with Mark 209.  I am looking forward to the time I will spend with my family.

Dear September, I don't want to wish you away. We've got lots going on, lots to prepare for, lots to think about and treasure. Please be good to us, September.


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