Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Spring Fever Giveaway: 7 Year Adventure

Welcome to Day 2 of the Spring Fever Giveaway.  Today, I'd like to introduce you to Anna who blogs at The 7 Year Adventure.  I met Anna just a few years ago when her oldest daughter was in my 3rd grade class.  This amazing young woman is now a college graduate and newly married.  I was reintroduced to Anna after joining our church and was able to spend time with her during my first Bible study.

As for Anna's blog, she says,

"My core purpose in writing this blog is to change the perspective parents have of their children’s teen years. Let’s look at this sector of time as an adventure, something to embrace and enjoy!"
I have enjoyed reading Anna's blog and am excited to share that she has started an Exceptional Teen Feature that highlights the positive things that teenagers are doing.  As a mother of a teen, I love that Anna does this, to remind us all how amazing our teenagers are.

Not only does Anna write, she is also very creative.  And that's where today's giveaway comes in.  You have the opportunity to win a lovely, handmade dress for a toddler.  These are just some of the samples Anna has made.

Each dress is precious; however, this purple one is my absolute favorite and you can have it!

Size 18 months

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Thank you, Anna, for donating such lovely prize!

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***Disclaimer***This giveaway is in no way affiliated with any person, company, organization, website, or other group other than the blog owner and the individuals donating prizes. The Spring Fever Giveaway is just a fun way to get excited about spring. Those donating prizes are NOT being paid and are doing this for fun and to get a little free publicity.  All winners will be contacted with information on how to redeem their prizes.

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  1. Natasha, these are absolutely beautiful! My sweet Haven is in 18 month clothes now and purple is her best color. ;) I think all three of my kiddos are exceptional but my middle little guy today was talking all about how God made him special and gave him "wings" so I'm hoping we're not in for an ER visit anytime soon when he decides to try them out!! :)


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