Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Lost

It's time for a little Five Minute Friday. Basically, you take a minute (5 really) and write.  You don't over think it. You don't over do it.  Just write. Five minutes. That's all.....

Today's prompt: lost

Five Minute Friday
A few years ago, something had happened, can't remember what, but I had said to Colin, "I've lost my marbles."

Later he went to the store with Jeff, and when they were shopping, he told his daddy, "We need to get some marbles."

Jeff asked why, and Colin replied, "Because Mama lost hers."

Bless his heart.

How many times have a felt like I've lost my marbles?  Too many to count.  But I thank God everyday that He helps me to find them.  He may take a few away and replace them with better ones, but God always provides (my marbles).

He provides by answering a prayer.  He provides for sending a friend.  He provides by bringing peace.

He Provides.

I will continue to lose my marbles, my patience, my temper.  But God will continue to be there for me to pick up the pieces, to calm my nerves, to find me when I'm lost in my own sinful nature.

Amazing Grace!  How sweet the sound! I once was lost, but now I'm found!

Thank you, sweet Jesus!


  1. Hello my lovely new friend. I am sorry, I couldn't read your post very well because of the blue on brown. Your blog IS very beautiful, though. Take care!

  2. Ah, it finally loaded right. Excellent post. My netbook is rather tiny so I apologize.

  3. Great post! Keep up the good writing :)

  4. I tell my kids that more often than I'd like to admit! My marbles are missing!! LOL So glad HE helps me through day in and day out!!

    Dropping by from FMF!! Side note... I have "Amazing Grace" in my post too!! It's such a good song!

  5. Hahaha, my kids make me lose my marbles, too! Yes, thank you, Lord, for replacing my marbles. :)


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