Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Encouragement

Five Minute Friday
There is this little thing called Five Minute Friday that I love.  Lisa-Jo presents to the world of writers a word, and we write.  Five minutes. No overthinking.  Just let the words flow.  So today, our word is encouragement.  Are you ready? Go...

Some people have the gift of being an encourager.  Some people have to really work at it. 

Regardless, being an encourager is a blessing to so many people.  I am a receiver of encouragement.

Last year when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan, those that encouraged me did so in many ways.  It was the former marine wife that spoke up for me when someone asked if my husband was in a safe place.  It was the grandmother from church who showed up at my doorstep with Happy Meals. It was my sister in Christ who did my hair just in time for our Welcome Home the airport. It was the countless others who said a prayer for me and just loved me and my family.

I was blessed by these and so many others who took the time to send a little encouragement my way.  I know their thoughts and deeds made God smile as they did me.

When I have tried to encourage someone, I have felt that little tingle in my innermost being.  That encouraged me to do it again.  The smile that my deed did, that encouraged me to do it again.  Encouragement is so contagious. It is so meaningful.  We don’t know the depths of a little encouragement!

If you would like to participate in Five Minute Friday, just head over to Lisa-Jo's.  You won't regret it!


  1. Encouragement truly is contagious - once you experience it from someone, you know how much even the smallest bit helps, and you want to pass it on.

    Lovely words! Have a beautiful weekend.

    - Melissa (here via Five Minute Friday)

  2. Natasha,
    Be encouraged! You have encouraged me:)
    It's always nice to "meet" someone who has experienced deployments. My hubby is in the Army and we've done a few ourselves. It's a unique experience that many cannot related to well enough to lift us up. However, it does equip us to be the encouragers of others in difficult places.
    Blessings sister!


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